10 Freeway Ramp Project

10 Freeway Ramp Project

Although it’s not part of the Great Streets project, a new effort to reconfigure all four I-10 Freeway ramps at Robertson will have a dramatic impact on the future of the neighborhood.

Currently, the ramps are located to the immediate south of the Great Streets area. One, the westbound exit ramp, is located directly across from Hamilton High School at Kincardine. At a minimum, it is fair to say they are confusing, contribute to accidents, cut off SORO from Culver City businesses and new development, and generate more traffic than Robertson can handle. The result has been a dangerous and uninviting walk to and from the Expo stop for students and residents, excess commuter traffic that overflows into our residential streets, and a struggling business district along South Robertson itself.

Where the new ramps are placed and how they direct traffic can either support the vision we’re setting with Great Streets, or compound our current problems for the next 50 years. Those plans are being drawn up now—you can read more about the plans on the SORO Neighborhoods Council site—and the project team is asking for your feedback.

Send Feedback

Send your thoughts on the I-10 Robertson Ramps project to outreach lead Laura Muna-Landa
Email: I-10Robertson@ArellanoAssociates.com
Phone: 909-627-2974

It’s also a good idea to copy our Council deputies (joseph.galloway@lacity.org and elizabeth.carlin@lacity.org) and the SORO Neighborhoods Council (vision@soronc.org).

It is important to note that while it takes time—years and years—to begin construction on a project like this, the time to act is now. As the project progresses, it will become increasingly difficult to affect the outcome. We need to ensure that the plan’s goals not only support moving cars on and off the freeway, but also addresses 1) safe pedestrian passage to the High School, 2) neighborhood traffic problems, and 3) our vision for thriving SORO business district.

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